Tips For Making Coupons For Your Restaurant

The restaurant business has become very competitive today. So, the customers find it difficult to decide where to dine. Coupons can help them make a choice. If you have a restaurant, then you can attract more customers by offering coupons.

It has been found that about 30% of people will try out dining in a new restaurant if you mail them coupons. Here is a guide to creating coupons for your restaurant.

Do homework

You should first do your homework before creating the coupons. Try to find out what the competitors are doing. Generate some unique coupon ideas so that you can stand out from the other restaurants.

Think about the target audience

While doing so, you should think about your target audience. Do demographic research to find out about the preferences of customers and their age, income level, number of children, and other information. Then you can tailor your coupon based on that information.

Determine discount threshold

Then try to determine the discount threshold. You can take into account what the competitors are offering or what the customers will like, but you need to think of your business too. The discount that you offer shouldn’t take out your profit. You should first find out your profit margin before deciding on the discount rate.

Know the busy and slow times

You should review your sales records and find out the busy and slow times by day and month. Try to offer coupons during the slow days. If you provide coupons during busy times, you may not be able to handle the traffic.

Diversify your coupon types

Don’t just provide one type of coupon. Try to offer different types of coupons so that the customers can explore using them. You can provide free offers, bundle deals, or generic discounts to make the coupons interesting.

Coupons can bring you more customers. So, you should invest some time in creating coupons for growing your restaurant business.