If you want to learn the art of bakery or want to set up a bakery business, then you should read books on it. Here are some amazing books that we recommend you to read.

The Heart To Start

By – David Kadavy

This book is suitable for home bakers. Here you will learn how to overcome your fear and start doing what you love. You will get the motivation to show your baking skills to people out there. You will learn how to start a bakery business by reading this book.

The $100 Startup

By – Chris Guillebeau

This book will teach you how to run a bakery business. You will learn about business planning, handling financial aspects, and marketing. If you are serious about developing a successful business, then you should read this book.

Show Your Work

By – Austin Kleon

This book motivates bakers to show their work and focus only on the clients. Many bakers today post their works on Instagram just to get appreciation. But if you want to become an entrepreneur, you should focus on your clients. The book teaches how to make a customer-centric and profitable bakery.

The Professional Pastry Chef

By – Bo Friberg

The book was published in 1884 and since then has been a baker’s choice. If you want to be an expert at making pastry, then you should read this book. You will learn the science of baking from a professional baker from this book. You will learn how to create your unique recipe and set your business apart from the others.

Setting The Table

By – Danny Meyer

This book teaches you how to set up your business. The book focuses on building customer satisfaction. No matter how well you bake, if you can’t serve it properly, you won’t get more customers. So, the book is all about satisfying the customers.

These books will help bakers learn baking tricks and the business of baking. They will be able to run their baking business confidently after reading these books.